Do The Best You Can.

better best


Tall request, huh?

Some days that is harder than others.

This morning, it was pouring as I walked to teach my first class, and pouring even harder as I got to my second.  Less people showed up than usual, as is often what happens on such rainy days….But, those people who were there said, “We have to go to work, and it will still be raining an hour later.”

That’s right!

And who do we think is going to feel better throughout their workday?  The group that stayed home longer and got to work just in time to begin…or the group who got their body moving, blood flowing, and endorphins up to take on this ‘dreary day’ with vigor and life?!


You know the answer 😉


Whether you get there now or get there later, you still may have to pass through the rain.




Seize the day,


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