Simply A Fit Tip…Plank Edition

Keeping it ‘simple‘ and just sharing ONE plank variation for a little ‘extra’ in your workout tomorrow.

(It’s coming- at some point I’ll put up a whole conglomeration of plank-based exercises…)

Using stability balls makes all our core exercises extra challenging if we work it right. This past week, beginning with a request to add in the stability ball to one of my morning classes, we got on a kick using this tool in multiple classes.  A favorite exercise? The stability ball plank with elbows on the ball.  I happened upon this article from ACE Fitness by chance, and it included a blurb on that exercise!  Enjoy:


ball rollout

From ACE Fitness

Stability Ball Plank   

Why? This version of a plank helps realign and strengthen the spine, especially after giving birth. The instability of the ball leads to a full-body strengthening and stabilization from the shoulders all the way to the ankles.

How: Begin with your forearms on top of a Swiss Ball and knees on the ground. Keep the shoulders, hips and knees in a perfectly straight line and roll the elbows forward on the ball a few inches and return. As you progress, this movement can be done with your knees off of the ground, with your shoulders, hips and heels in alignment.

Option: If your hips are sagging during this movement, move your plank to the ground until you have gained enough strength to advance to an unstable environment.


Warm up, be safe, and make the GREAT!



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