spin the bottle

so you know the game spin the bottle where you’re in a circle, someone spins it,  and wherever it points to that’s the’ chosen one’?  well, that’s essentially what I did with today’s post…. spun my finger around my gallery of photos here on my tablet, and this is where I landed. it made me laugh ,and after my last post being about the importance of laughter,  I thought, ” well, this is a little” different”, but it will certainly make people laugh” 😉


and actually, upon reflection of this very serious ‘card ‘, you can see the’ simply fit ‘advice that lies within it:

you are what you eat ….do you want to eat burgers and grease and fried foods and processed foods…. things that have been converted from their natural state and now are just a series of chemicals? ( sorry to sound harsh but…) or, do you want to eat from the earth, eat real food, be real, be natural, be alive?

some food for thought 😉

have a great day!


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