Yoga….with a twist

Love the idea of yoga but find it a challenge to actually slow down long enough to move through a 60, 75, or even 90- minute class?  But oh how good it makes your body feel

Well, in searching Youtube the other day, I came across Jillian Michaels’ “Yoga Inferno Workout”.     “Yoga” and “Inferno” together….sounds fantastic.

So at one of the corporate sites on yesterday’s rainy morning, I went ahead and tried it…and loved it.  It contains all the elements of yoga….the breathing, the stretching, flows, warriors, etc….but also throws in moves to pick up the intensity as desired….so you ‘feel’ like you are getting more of a ‘burn’, as I so often hear discussed while still also reaping the benefits of a yoga class!  And, thanks to a bit higher intensity, you can cut down your time and still know you’ve worked.

The video is below.  Let me know what you think– I’d be interested to hear varying opinions!


Update from original post– Inferno has been taken off Youtube due to copyright….so I’ve replaced it above with Meltdown…If you like Meltdown and want to go for the aforementioned Inferno, click here!

Enjoy the simple change of pace,


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