Beet Hummus…yes, really

The 6th Avenue Trader Joe’s is essentially the only ‘sometimes sane’ Trader Joe’s in the City. This company does a ‘roaring trade’ (to quote J.K.Rowling) in this town.

Anyway, I decided to venture there the other day to pick up some staples—some of those process just cannot be beat!  Tucked in among the horseradish and Kalamata olive hummus-es was …




<–THIS gem.


I paused, considered the options, and read the label.  Beet hummus?  That will either be awful or awesome.  When I saw the nutrition breakdown, though, I had to try it:

45 cal per serving (2 Tbsp), low sodium, good ingredients, beets are great for you….winner.


Now I am a self-professed hummus fiend.  Even Mom has come to the realization that when I come home she needs to buy an extra hummus just for me.   At least I am admitting it. 😉



Bought the intriguing beet hummus.


24 hours later it was gone.


Nice job, Trader Joe’s!  This is definitely deserving of a shout-out.


Go find it! Don’t have a Trader Joe’s?  Make it on your own…let me know how it turns out.  (I want to try this!)  Here is a simple, very similar, recipe I found at by Nancy Fox:


Thanks, Whole Foods , for a nice write-up on BEETS:



Happy adventuring,




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