Need a Protein Boost? Drink Your Coffee…

An easy way to get more protein in your diet, especially at the start of your day…

I don’t know about you, but I was excited when I discovered this little tasty trick!

Do you have any protein powder?  Throw some in your coffee.  Just trust me.  Unless you have a ‘cakey’ type of powder, this addition will not only add a boost of protein to your morning, but it will also add creaminess and a bit of froth to your coffee!


I personally like  this one:


This is because it is:

1. Very inexpensive- I get a delivery of one canister each month for less than $10 for 25 servings!

2. It is ONLY the pea protein-some of you will love this fact, some of you will despise the taste (or lack thereof)

3. It is wheat, dairy, and soy free



There are other good options out there, and I encourage you to try some!  Just be careful of the many additives in so many powders.


Go ahead, try it, and let me know how it goes!


Have a great day,



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