Weekend Warrior

If you have multiple people, it becomes a fun challenge in teams of two….just a thought 😉


6 stations, 1min each, 2x through

1. Long jump forward, high knees back to return

2. Kettlebell goblet squat (hold at chest, deep squat)

3. Switch kicks with hands on step, adding tricep dips as you can

4. Plank on hands to plank on forearms, back and forth

5. Wall sit with forward raise

6. Overhead press jumping jacks (careful of that back…light weights overhead, abs in)



1. Tuck jumps (have fun 😉 )

2. Kettlebell swings  (squat, swing KB forward to shoulder height as you straighten up, catch in squat at bottom of swing)

3. Push-ups, one arm on step, up and over to switch arms

4. Forearm plank with hip dropsKate Plank

5. One-arm push-ups (they did these against a wall)

6. High knees holding weights at chest


Take things your speed, your level, modify anything as needed.  Any clarifications, write, and I’ll have a response ASAP!


Happy weekend,


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