Unexpected Inspiration: The Audition

This was an unexpected post, as it stems from an impulsive Facebook ‘status update’ today as I sat at the Actors’ Equity Association for…well, let’s just say, a long time.  After seeing how it seemed to reach far more people than I realized it would, it seemed appropriate to share further.  So, here you go…Thanks in advance for reading, and I hope you find some inspiration in this, no matter what your ‘profession’.


Facebook is not usually an outlet for me for a deep rambling post. But it’s my birthday week, and I’m sitting here at the Equity building with time for once, so indulge me…

7am was in times square to train a client…. then headed across the street to get in line to sign in for audition A. After the 8:30 sign-in, walked down to 36th for the extremely long line for a Broadway production, we’ll call audition B. Then walked to 43rd to sign in for audition C. Back to audition A, change, makeup, and wait. And wait. At noon, they are a few people away from me on the EMC list, when I need to leave to teach. Thankfully, it’s two blocks away. Apparently I’m also close at audition C. Audition B is not looking hopeful due to the extreme amount of Equity present. Class is done at 1:15, and I find out that I’ve missed not one, but two, auditions. Being on an EMC or nonunion list, one never knows when the call might come…and if they’ll get to you at all… The slimmest chance they’d get to me during that hour, and not one, but two, did. And yet another day it could have been that I’d have waited all day, just a few names away, and not gotten seen.

Well, a stop back at the apartment, as it appears I’ll have to now be out all afternoon and therefore need to be set for teaching downtown tonight from 6-8. Hot chocolate to warm up, then back…

Back to audition A. Do I go to audition C to resign in, now at the bottom of the nonunion list(since you can’t sign in on EMC after lunch) or do I stay here? Audition D is also now here, so I’m on two lists here…Let’s stay here…Though I decided this 45 minutes ago and haven’t missed anything here… But it was nice to save one more trek in the frigid day…

The gamble. The unknown. The hurry-up-and-wait.
The world our passion has chosen for us.

All the more reason to love every moment, to constantly remind ourselves of our goals and why we are doing what we are doing…Rejection after rejection…Or rather, achievement after achievement. Show after show, step after step, person after person we affect when we perform.

Do what you love. It pays off.

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